Standardized State Tests: Myths vs. Reality

Over the years’, I’ve proctored many standardized state tests. Typically, teachers aren’t allowed to proctor their own students during testing. One might think this is due to teachers wanting to “help” their students more than what is allowed. The truth is, teachers aren’t allowed to proctor their own students’ tests, because if teachers actually watched

Three Tips for Surviving Until the End of the School Year

This weekend, temperatures reached seventy degrees for the first time since the fall. Saturday, I ventured into our backyard, and discovered several items that been hiding for months beneath the snow. I found one of my sons’ footballs. The football, which previously smelled of expensive, new, soft leather, was covered in mud and pine needles.

When Life Is Not Fair

Today we received a 10-day Foreclosure Notice on our home. We purchased our home on a friendly cul-de-sac, six-and-a-half years ago. We have never missed a mortgage payment. Never even paid late. This summer, we refinanced our home. We cashed out just enough money to finish our basement, a project we had planned and saved