Are you #teacherstrong?

If I had a dime for every time someone said, I don’t know how you do what you do, I would no longer need my teacher salary. Some people call teachers saints. Some call teachers crazy. Some call us gluttons for punishment. I call it something else. I believe we’re #teacherstrong. #teacherstrong is being a

Standardized State Tests: Myths vs. Reality

Over the years’, I’ve proctored many standardized state tests. Typically, teachers aren’t allowed to proctor their own students during testing. One might think this is due to teachers wanting to “help” their students more than what is allowed. The truth is, teachers aren’t allowed to proctor their own students’ tests, because if teachers actually watched

The Observation

We’ve all had that one student. You know the one. The clever, charming child who NEVER STOPS TALKING. The one kid whose very presence changes the entire climate of your class. Cody was that student. Cody had caramel skin and wavy, brown hair. All the thirteen-year-old girls thought he was dreamy. Cody’s goal was to

The Weave

We were waiting for the bus when Tanisha approached me in her puffy pink jacket with tears streaming down her face. I asked her what was wrong and her mouth opened and closed several times in silent sobs before she finally spoke. “Joshua said I have a weave,” she said. Joshua, who was right behind

Answering Tough Questions

Ms. Carroll’s first graders were coloring pictures of Harriet Tubman and Robert E. Lee. I was amazed at the details they included-Tubman’s red bandana and Lee on horseback carrying the confederate flag. Wandering around the clusters of desks, I noticed Daniel’s raised hand, summoning me to the other side of the room. He looked ready